Travel Insurance—Have a Pleasant Journey

With all the planning and money that goes into travel, it’s only natural that you expect to have a pleasant journey. And while travel insurance won’t guarantee that your beach vacation won’t be marred by constant rain or that your trek to a foreign land won’t be ruined by a sudden bout of flu, it can help protect your financial investment and recoup some of the loss you experience when the unexpected happens.

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Expect the Unexpected

Too often, things just don’t go according to plan. That’s life. But when the unexpected happens when you’re away from home, it can be particularly unsettling, especially when the people and resources you count on at home aren’t available to you while you’re away. Travel insurance can help with:

    • Emergency medical expenses: Accidents or serious illness can be upsetting and costly to treat when you’re far away from home. Travel insurance can help reimburse the expense you incur if you need treatment when you’re on the road.
    • Medical evacuation: This can cover the expense of transporting you to a hospital or even sending you home in the event of a serious accident or injury.
    • Trip cancellation: An airline strike, an overbooked tour, or a flu epidemic on a cruise—lots of things can derail a trip. Travel insurance can cover your loss in the event that your trip is canceled or interrupted.
    • Lost luggage: If you’ve ever experienced the aggravation and expense of an airline losing your luggage or personal belongings, you’ll appreciate that travel insurance can help cover that loss.


Other types of loss that can be covered by travel insurance include:

    • Travel delay for such things as delayed flights and missed connections.
    • Tour operator default for such times as when a tour company goes out of business after you’ve already paid.
    • Personal liability if you are personally responsible for property damage or injury to another.
    • Accidental death should your death occur because of an accidental injury on your trip.
    • Legal expenses should you be determined liable for an incident and require legal representation.
    • Repatriation if a serious accident, injury, or personal emergency requires you to return home immediately.
    • Emergency dental expenses should you require emergency dental procedures.


What’s more, many insurance companies offer travel assistance and 24-hour emergency services for their travel insurance policyholders, including such things as lost documents or emergency situations. Remember that specific benefits can vary by company and by policy. Be sure to review your policy for specific coverage.

Full terms and details of a travel insurance plan, including limitations and exclusions can be found in the travel insurance plan policy or description of coverage. Any recommendations or evaluation of insurance coverage on this page are intended for residents of IL, GA, IN, LA, MI, NV, and UT only. Gulbransen Insurance Agency is a licensed travel insurance producer in IL, GA, IN, LA, MI, NV, and UT. Residents of any other state should reach out to the travel insurance provider directly with coverage questions.

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