Chicago Auto Repair & Body Shop Insurance—Damage Control

As an auto repair and body shop owner, you’re in the business of fixing things. But if your shop faces a lawsuit because of an injury, theft of a client’s car, an employee accident in a client’s vehicle, or any number of potential risks, it’s your business that could end up in need of repair.

Auto repair and body shop insurance is the ultimate in damage control. It will keep you protected and your business running, even in the event of a loss.

Helping You Out of a Jam

There’s a lot to be protected at your shop. How much would that lift cost to replace? What if all your tools were stolen? What is the value of the garage building itself? How expensive are the clients’ cars left in your care? Because risk can come from any direction, it’s important to consider multiple types of insurance to safeguard your auto repair and body shop.

Ask one of the licensed, pros at Gulbransen Insurance Agency. They’ll steer you toward the right policies and coverage for your business, including:

  • Garage keepers insurance: You work hard to earn your clients’ confidence. After all, they’re entrusting you with a very expensive piece of personal property. They need to feel confident that while their car is in your care, no harm will come to it. Garage keeper’s insurance offers protections from damages that occur to the client’s car, such as an accident while it’s being test driven, damage from weather, auto theft, and more.
  • Commercial property insurance: This type of insurance provides for losses to your building and its contents in the event of perils like a burglary, fire, or natural disaster. Additionally, it can also cover loss of income should your shop need to shut down for repairs.
  • Commercial general liability: Should one of your mechanics sustain an injury or accidentally damage one of your client’s cars, commercial general liability would protect against a liability claim. Coverage extends to bodily injury, property damage, and personal injury.
  • Crime insurance: Just as the name implies, crime insurance addresses the threats that could undermine your business. This type of insurance covers your merchandise, cash, and other property loss. Additionally, it shelters your business from embezzlement, forgery, robbery, and other types of business crimes.
  • Business auto policy: Does your shop have a tow truck? Do you have loaners or vans to shuttle clients back to work or home after dropping off their car? Does your business own or lease any other type of truck or vehicle? Then you need a business auto policy. This ensures you have enough liability coverage to protect your business.
  • Business umbrella insurance. Business umbrella insurance or commercial umbrella insurance offers your business additional liability coverage for an added layer of protection for your business and its assets.

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Accidents, injuries, and other costly losses may be unavoidable. But with the right kind of protection in place, you can recover from a claim and continue with your business. Gulbransen Insurance Agency can customize the right type of coverage to protect your auto repair and body shop. Call 630.393.6700 today to get a quote or connect with us online to learn more.