Restaurant Insurance—Serving Up Peace of Mind

Opening a restaurant is the dream of many a chef or entrepreneur. But all too often, they don’t realize that it opens the doors to all sorts of liability issues. After all, there’s more to running a restaurant than serving up delicious dishes.

From food poisoning to burns, patrons who slip and fall to falling down patrons who’ve had too much to drink, Restaurant Insurance is going to serve up the peace of mind you need to operate your restaurant without fear of devastating loss.

Here to Ensure You Keep on Cooking

If you own and operate a restaurant, there are a variety of coverages you should consider if you want to keep on cooking.

  • General liability: In restaurants, spills happen all the time. If one of your guests slips and falls this insurance will cover the cost of investigating and defending a medical claim case in court.
  • Property insurance: A fire, flood, or natural disaster could bankrupt your business. This coverage protects your property from losses that could result in the wake of those events.
  • Food contamination: If your freezer or refrigerator malfunctions and your entire stock of food is spoiled, this would cover the costs of replacement.
  • Liquor liability: This coverage is mandatory in many states if your restaurant has a liquor license. It ensures protection in the event a guest overindulges and as a result, hurts themselves or another by drinking and driving.
  • Workers compensation: Injuries to staff happen frequently in restaurants. This coverage is generally required by law and can protect you and your staff in the event of burns, back injuries, serious cuts, falls, and other job-related injuries.
  • Commercial vehicle insurance: If you operate a catering business or offer delivery service from your restaurant, company-owned vehicles need to be covered by this insurance.

Portfolios Prepared Just for You—Call Today for a Quote

There are many hazards to operating a restaurant and so it’s important to get exactly the right kind and amount of insurance to protect yours and remain profitable. Many factors will determine the kind of coverage you need, including:

  • The size of your restaurant
  • The number of employees who work for you
  • Whether you serve just food or alcohol too
  • If you offer catering or delivery services

Once we have the information we need, The Gulbransen Insurance Agency will review a wide menu of options available and prepare insurance coverage just for you. Call 630.393.6700 today to get a quote or connect with our team learn more.